The Open Doors program is a partnership between the Atlanta Real Estate Collaborative (AREC) and Enterprise Community Partners (ECP). Through engagement of private, multifamily property owners, Open Doors lowers barriers and increases access to affordable housing by connecting property owners with carefully-screened tenants who have the support of quality service providers. Open Doors has helped our nonprofit partners house over 4,000 individuals over the last three years in Metro Atlanta.  

Our Goal

By the end of 2018, through the work of Open Doors, with service provider and property partners:

  • 1,500 homeless individuals and families in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area will be housed in existing housing and receive services to help them remain housed.
  • 25,000 potential affordable housing units will be made available.

Our Sponsors...

Atlanta Real Estate Collaborative (AREC):  A group of private individuals with extensive real estate experience, AREC has housed over 2,000 individuals in approximately 1,300 apartment units in just over two years. AREC connects property owners and managers to the Open Doors team, assisting with recruitment and education of affordable properties. 

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Enterprise Community Partners:  Enterprise Community Partners has invested $163 million in grants, loans and equity, which leverages almost $577 million in total development cost, to create or preserve 8,500 affordable units in the Metro Atlanta region. Enterprise serves as the fiscal sponsor for the program, and will engage staff in providing ongoing program support through research, process development, marketing and data analysis. 

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